You have finally made the decision to register for your first cook-off. No matter how good you are at your craft, the thought of competition can bring with itself its own pressures. You have simply so many things going on in mind that it is possible for you to miss even basic things. But here is a list of some tips and tricks that will help you  to ace that competition by grilling on indoor grills those perfect burgers. So let’s get started.


  1. MEET THE MEAT: First things first, you have to have the best combination of meat to present a mouth-watering burger. The ideal combination would be of ground chunk, brisket and short ribs. If these are not available (which should not be the case) you can settle for meat with adequate amount of fat. DO NOT opt for lean meat it will lose out on all the moisture, flavour and juices while cooking.
  2. TEMPERATURE: You need to know when exactly your patty is well done. Ideally, it should take around 7-8 minutes for the temperature to reach 145 degrees after which your patty is golden brown and juicy in the middle. So keep a constant eye on the temperature.
  3. AVOID BLUNDERS: Cooking is an art which requires patience. Do not lose patience when you want your cooking to be best among all others. Resist the temptation of pressing the patty using a spatula while it’s being cooked. This will do more harm than good by forcing out the juices. Let the patty become brown on its own. Also, only flip the patty once when you have seen the crust on the other side. This will ensure that your patty is well-done on both sides.
  1. ADD SOME CRUNCH: Competitions are the best places to get your creative self to the front. That little crunchy feel which you will add to your burger will make it stand out. You can do this adding the classic toppings- the dill pickles, lettuce and even potato chips! Yes, nothing is better than biting into a burger expecting tender meat but getting some crunchiness into the mouth.
  1. DO NOT FORGET THE BUN: While most contestants use the Squishy bun which are soft so as to minimise the bread content and shift the focus to the patty they forget that these bun have to be toasted well. Otherwise, the buns will straight up ruin your burger. The untoasted soft bun will fall apart due to the juices running out of the patty. Some contests directly disqualify the contestant with an untoasted bun.


Most competitions are judged on three aspects: the appearance, taste and tenderness.  Do not overload you patty with anything and everything you have but keep it simple. The classic seasoning of salt and pepper is good enough for you patty. Do not make last-minute changes and cook the way you have practiced before. Keep in mind these tips which can help you to put your best foot forward. ALL THE BEST!


Brisket is one of the toughest cuts of meat and cooking it perfectly is no less than an achievement. For beginners, brisket is a cut of meat from the breast or lower chest of the animal. Any barbecue enthusiast would know that smoking a brisket brings with itself its own share of excitement, challenges and opportunities but the results are most inconsistent. Sometimes you will get it on point as if you have been doing this since ages. But most of the times briskets take forever to be cooked and turn out the exact opposite of what was expected. Flavouring or seasoning a brisket properly is one of the ways to avoid these inconsistencies. While it will take you considerable amount of time, energy and attempts to master the art of cooking brisket but you do not want to get disappointed every time, right?


Cooking a brisket is a tenuous job and if you are hosting a dinner party you just can’t start it in the afternoon. But the good thing is that flavoured briskets are a good make-ahead dish. Moreover, the flavours get enough time to develop and come together and enhance the taste of the brisket. Flavoured briskets put into the freezer and still retain their texture when reheated. So get ready to get those compliments!


There are umpteen varieties of ways to flavour a brisket: using rubs, sauces and spices. There is no way one can ever get bored of it. Briskets can even be flavoured with root vegetables, onions and garlic. If you want to experiment with new flavours and develop your own personalised recipes choosing a brisket is a good option. It’s the most versatile cut of meat with which you can unleash your culinary potential.

Preparing a brisket for smoking is a task in itself with all the trimming and washing. But this preparation can make or break your dish. In fact, preparing the brisket takes longer time than smoking it. So if you have got the meat from the market and prepared it for smoking. Congratulations! You have completed one-third of the task.  Brisket requires low and slow smoke which gives time for the tissues to become tender but seasoning does this job too. Adding those rubs, spices and sauces will help the meat to become tender and delicious. To make sure you get the flavour to the interiors you can make numerous cuts evenly on the surface so that the spices are absorbed into the centre.


Flavoured briskets retain their taste when wrapped with aluminium foil immediately after smoking. So you will not be in a fear of all your hard work vanishing in a matter of hours. Smoking a brisket to perfection is a dream of every barbecue enthusiast and flavouring it perfectly only ensures that your effort is not wasted because we know you have put in huge amounts of time, energy, patience and love into it.

So mix and match those flavours to create a perfect blend to enhance the taste of your all-time favourite brisket.



Propane smoker is one of the widely used smoking equipment of our times. It comes in a variety of sizes, is pocket-friendly and is most suitable for our busy modern lifestyle. If you are thinking of buying a propane smoker but those customer reviews are not helping you to make your decision, then take look at the advantages of propane smokers listed below which are adding to its popularity.  Hope you will make a wise decision!


  1. IT’S ECO-FRIENDLY: With all the talk of global warming wreaking havoc on nature, we all have become somewhere cautious about our lifestyle choices. So it’s a good news for all nature-lovers. Kingsford Charcoal Grill smokers use a clean fuel so have a smaller carbon footprint. A clean also mean soot deposits on your food will no longer hamper your joy of eating that well-done piece of meat.


  1. EASE OF USE: Technology has spoilt us. Propane smokers will spoil us more! Operating a propane smoker is one of the easiest things you can do. It does not need constant monitoring for temperature (you can take a nap while your delicacies are being cooked) and some variants also come with push-button ignition. So amateurs who are new to the world of smokers and grills can greatly benefit and in due course even learn the nuances of cooking.


  1. THE USP: One of the unique selling points of propane smoker is that most of its parts are removable. So in the case of damage, new parts can be easily bought from the market without burning a hole in your pocket. This luxury is unavailable for most other smokers in the market. Also, because propane is a clean fuel there are no soot deposits on the parts. It’s much easier to clean and maintain.


  1. FLAVOR: The propane smoker enables you to cook some top flavored dishes even without the use of charcoal and smoking chips (although you can use them if you want). You do not need to compromise on taste and flavor and at the same time, there is no need to hover over the smoke throughout the cooking period. So you see its one of the best deals you can get.


  1. PORTABILITY: Cooking is best enjoyed in the company of your loved ones. What’s the use of a smoker which cannot be taken around to camps and picnics? Propane smoker needs less outdoor space and is lightweight so there is no reason you cannot take it out. Also, it does not need to plugged-in, unlike the electric smoker. Propane smokers are efficient in energy production and do not suck up all the fuel up in one go. So if you have a propane tank you are good to go.


So if you want to make a reliable investment, buying a propane smoker is worth it. It is an enviable combination of ease, comfort, and delectable food. It also does not need you to have prior knowledge of smoking and serve as a good learning tool. BON APPETITE!


Clearly the market is flooded with all kinds of grills and smokers and each one of them promise you the best barbecuing experience. But wait, the equipment in which you are going to invest now is going to impact the TASTE OF FOOD! So here is a comparison between the two most widely used equipments for barbecuing- the electric smoker and the gas grill to put an end to your confusion. Let’s see who wins.


  1. PORTABILITY: The electric smoker even though of smaller size needs to be plugged in so it’s not an ideal companion for camps and picnics. But the gas grill typically meant for outdoors because of its larger size, is more mobile and portable and can be used anywhere with a natural gas line.



  1. EASE OF USE: The electric smoker clearly scores here as it is all about comfort, push-button convenience and requires smaller space. What’s more some smokers even have apps that sync your phone to it and remind you after the cooking is done. The temperature can be easily monitored as cooking is done in controlled environment. While for the gas grill you will require a larger space and basic knowledge about moisture and outside temperature to monitor cooking temperature. So beginners and comfort-seekers, the electric smoker is clearly the one for you.


  1. MAINTENANCE: The parts of electric smokers are not detachable so it’s a task in itself to clean them, while on the other hand all heating elements of a gas grill can be easily cleaned by immersing them in water. Also, since natural gas is used there is no soot left behind, which further makes the gas grill easy to clean.


  1. FLAVOR: This aspect is the main consideration for most buyers so let’s decode this one. The electric smoker produces a plain smoke which gives the least flavour to the meat. But some variants of gas grill come with a facility to use charcoal (Purists rejoice!) which enables one to produce a rich smoke and flavour the meat to its best as compared to electric smokers. So only get yourself the electric smoker if you do not mind compromising the taste and are looking for comfort and some fast cooking.


  1. COOKING SPECIFICITIES: Both of these equipments can be used to cook almost all kinds of meat but they have their specialities. Gas grill is perfect for smaller cuts of meat and because it is able to sustain higher temperature for a long time searing is possible which is not possible in an electric smoker. Electric smoker works well for delicate proteins like the salmon. Electric smoker can sustain lower temperatures for a longer period so larger cuts of meat can be smoked without any hassels.



So, using both of these equipments have their pros and cons. But as it clear the gas grill clearly scores over the electric smoker especially in areas of flavour, maintenance and portability. But the pressures of modern lifestyle may force you to buy an electric smoker but the winner here is the gas grill.

8 Things You Shouldn’t Do while Barbecuing

Everyone makes mistakes while barbecuing, but for your benefit, here’s a list of 8 things that you should be cautious of while cooking. Do not make these mistakes for they can prove very harmful. Here are 8 things you shouldn’t do while barbecuing:


  1. Go ‘Low and Slow’, not Fire up

You should not fire up your Green Mountain Pellet Grills and blaze it up or use lighter fluid, for that would ruin your dish and spoil the taste. It is absolutely important to go ‘low and slow’ while barbecuing so that every cut gets cooked as it should be and no part is left undercooked or overcooked. Wait for your charcoals to fully turn gray before you spread them out and start grilling. Give your grill grates time to heat up.


  1. Keep your Grill Away

Grills can be unsafe and produce damage to your property, assets, or worse – pets and children. Make sure you grill in your backyard or somewhere away from home so that even by mistake, nothing catches on fire.


  1. Avoid Flare-ups

Avoids flare ups for they can be lethal for your life and property. Ensure that every time you use your smoker or grill, the grates are all clean and no food items or fuel leakages and present. Use a grill brush or ball of aluminum foil to remove chunks of food.


  1. Using the Correct Tools

One great mistake that every amateur makes is the usage of incorrect tools that can cause a lot of harm. Follow up on the internet for tools and materials that are safe to use while barbecuing. For example, opt for long handled tools to prevent burns on the skin, and use tongs and spatulas as much as possible so that you don’t burn your skin. While a long handled fork is great for grilling vegetables, it should not be used for meat because it leads to puncturing of the meat.


  1. When Preheating is not done

Preheating is an important feature for most cooking processes – be it barbecuing or any other. If you don’t preheat the grill, the fire could be producing a lot of hot but the grill grates could still be relatively cool which would mean that your food will not be conductively heated. Your food will then stick to the metal.


  1. Prevent usage of Excessive Direct Heat

You cannot use excessive direct heat while cooking your grills because the meat can start to burn on the outside while still being undercooked or raw on the inside, and you definitely do not want that for your taste buds.


  1. Opening the Lid and Peeping

This is a big no! Yes, the inquisitive side of our brains can’t stop wondering whether our meat is cooked or not so we open the lid just slightly to see for ourselves. But this is absolutely dangerous. Repeatedly lifting the lid in a gas grill will cause it to lose the heat inside and the process of cooking would get slower. For a coal grill, lifting the lid would bring in oxygen that would increase the heat and burn your food.


  1. Don’t spread the Sauce too Early

Do not spread the Barbecue sauce before you should. In such a case, the sauce starts to burn and turns acrid and sour before the meat is even cooked. You will then have to scrape off the blackened layer and add extra sauce to cover up for the bitterness but it doesn’t stay.

BBQ Smoking in Texas – What’s Different?

Texas is popular acclaimed for the best barbecues in the US, and not wrongly so. There is a hint of uniqueness about the BBQ smoking in Texas that gives it a touch of Texas. The way it smells, the way it appears, and most of all – the way it tastes – all of it has roots of Texas hidden in the very depths of it. Recipes have gone from generation to generation like traditions, and are considered equally sacred.


This difference does not simply come through from the ingredients added to the BBQ at the time of smoking – no. A huge difference is also made by the way the smokers are set up and the technique of smoking. Texas believes in barbecuing ‘low and slow’ style so that large cuts are cooked without any portion being left undercooked or overcooked.


All the flavors and smells that the smoked meats produce are articulated after certain additions of ingredients. Chefs take care of cooking at certain temperatures and the appearances of the meats to determine how well it’s been cooked. It cannot remain tender. Sauces are made to perfection. No wonder many distinct restaurants all around Texas are so famous for their succulent, finger licking smoked meats.


To best cook products, it’s important to know the cuts of meats that can be cooked, and that will determine the number of servings you can get from them, their costs and versatility. Not only that, the Texas chefs know their meats in an out. They know what sides are tender, which cuts can be over cooked and have to be sought after.


Briskets are the most special and asked-for smoked dish that customers demand. The best BBQ restaurants of Texas serve briskets that are heavenly. A Texas brisket is a full packer cut brisket ranging between 8-12 pounds. It is smoked at low and slow temperatures through indirect heating for around 8 hours for it to achieve perfection. The textural appeal of a Texas brisket is like leather. Setting up a charcoal or wood smoker between 225-250 degrees Fahrenheit is important to distinguish a Texas brisket from any other.


Another necessary and impactful factor to a Texas BBQ is it’s flavor. The flavor of any smoked meat comes from seasonings, cooking methods, the way it’s the best electric smoker post on THOB, garnishing, sauces. Texas is very personal and cautious about it’s flavors for that is what gets any consumer satisfied and happy. The sauces and ingredients used are a personal choice of the chefs of Texas.


Rubs are prepared by adding a tinge of special ingredients which one would not find elsewhere. For example, for a simple pork rub, Texas chefs combine equal parts of paprika, garlic powder, black pepper and brown sugar. To add some extra flavor and moisture, Kosher salt is added to a gallon of water and the product is soaked in this mixture for an hour for brining. For a central Texas Brisket rub, equal parts salt and pepper are cooked over post oakwood or smoked until the salt begins to turn colour. Such techniques are unique to Texas.


Hence, every tiny detail is looked after and there are differences in the cooking method of the BBQ in Texas that differentiate it from barbecues of the world.

5 Electric Smoker Recipes You Must Try

Got yourself an electric smoker but confused what to cook on it? We’ve got you covered, don’t you worry. Here’s a list of five recipes that you must try on your electric smoker to produce mouth watering, appetizing food to bring your taste buds a whole lot of glory.


  1. Smoked Beef


For those who love smoked meats, this is a must have. You can cook your own smoked beef to perfection with the electric smoker. You can either cook beef jerky or beef fillets through it. Here’s how you do it, in a very quick manner:

  • Choose a brisket which bends and is tender. If it has a thick fat layer, that would help the meat stay moist during the process of cooking.
  • Ready your rub and massage it on the meat, and let it stay overnight for the best flavor. Wrap the meat, then, in aluminum foil and keep it in the refrigerator.
  • An hour or two before you start your electric smoker, remove the meat from the refrigerator so that it is able to come down to room temperature. Meanwhile, fill your wood chip box with hickory, apple, mesquite or cherry wood chips.
  • Preheat the electric smoker and set the internal meat temperature. Stick the temperature probe in the part of the brisket which is the thickest, then place it on a rack in the cooler. Start the smoker.
  • Once the temperature reached 190 degrees Fahrenheit, the smoker would stop heating and turn into warm mode and your smoked beef would be ready to consume.


  1. Smoked Hotdogs and Sausages


Hotdogs and Sausages are an all time favorite for home made cooking. It’s a must for you to cook this on the electric smoker. Here’s how to do it:

  • Roll the hot dogs onto a rub and make sure to not miss the ends. Lay them on a rack for ease of carrying.
  • Preheat your smoker to 225 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Once done, place your hotdogs on the grate and let them smoke away for an hour to 1.5 hours. Once they are done, they should be warm and smoky.
  • You can put them inside a bun and serve it with veggies or other garnishing and sauces.


  1. Smoked Chicken


The most favorite and popular recipes for an electric smoker are that for smoked chicken. It’s loved by all and famous everywhere. Not only is it delicious and nutritious, you can cook it in different forms such as smoked chicken thighs, smoked chicken wings, smoked chicken breasts. Here’s how to do it:

  • Apply the rub over the thawed chicken evenly and let it stay overnight for best flavor.
  • Place the chips in the wood chip box and fire up the cooker to get the temperature to 235 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Place chicken, breast side down, in the smoker for 1 – 1.5 hours, then turn it over to finish. When temperature of the meatiest part reaches 160 degrees Fahrenheit, your chicken is cooked and you can remove it and let it warm down before serving.


  1. Smoked Pizza


Who does not like some smoked pizza to fill up the stomach in a tantalizing way? Here’s how you can smoke your pizza to perfection in your electric smoker:

  • Spread the pizza sauce on the pizza bread, add mozzarella cheese, meat, veggies and any other ingredients of your choice.
  • Smoke-cook in your electric smoker for an hour at 250 degrees Fahrenheit and then reverse grills (swap the pizza below with the pizza on the top). Use little wood for the maximum flavor.


  1. Smoked Salmon


Salmon remains the most smoker friendly fish there is. Smoked salmon tastes incredible. Here’s how to do it:

  • Remove all the pin bones from your salmon and cut the meat into strips. Choose your brining container with caution.
  • Get the smoker started to 225 degrees Fahrenheit and put in the wood. Add in the fish. As the meat gets cooked, milky droplets will come to the surface and you can wipe them off.
  • Remove the meat when the internal temperature hits 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Let your fillets cool before consuming. salmon

Best BBQ Places in Texas

Who doesn’t crave themselves a delicious smoked meat on a heavy day? Texas sure knows how to grill it’s meat to perfection. Here’s a list of some of the best BBQ Restaurants in Texas that you have got to try if you want a heavy meal and a happy face.


  1. Snow’s BBQ


Highlighted in enriched news tablets and magazines, this smokehouse is located in the Main Street at Lexington. The meats are sold by the pound and you can eat till your pocket gives away. It’s fulfilling and appetizing, and you get to pick from a small menu of sides to go along. Shoot for their ribs on the one day they are open, that is Saturday.


  1. Franklin Barbecue


This little heaven-like stall is situated on 11th St, Austin and is open from Tuesday to Sunday. They close by 3 pm so you have to make sure to grab what you desire from their heavy menu categorized into ‘By the Pound’, ‘Sandwiches’, ‘Pies’, ‘Sides’ and ‘Drinks’. The meat is fresh and cooked properly with all the roughness attached to a smokehouse. Moreover, they keep organizing events so you better be on the look out for those to have a great time hogging on delicious food.


  1. Hard Eight BBQ – Roanoke


Hard Eight BBQ at Roanoke presents what you call the most bomb burgers and sausage to go along with a sauce that simply brings water to your mouth and stars in your eyes. Aside from all this bliss, you get a free sweet tea and beans on the side. What would make you happier? Go get it, tiger.


  1. Pecan Lodge


This restaurant is located at Deep Ellum, Main Street, Dallas, and this relocation has brought on a huge crowd ready to dig in their hands on the delectable meats. Pecan Lodge serves a variety of smoked meat to be gulped down with beer and wine of assorted natures. They have yum desserts to give your meal a sweet ending.


  1. Black’s Barbecue – Lockhart


This shack at Lockhart speaks everything Texas – right from it’s board that says ‘Open 8 days a week’ to the one exclaiming ‘Beef ribs!’. As they claim, they do have the best beef ribs. The sausage is hand stuffed and hand tied which oozes awesomeness. The brisket is the smokiest of all, and you’ll find amazing pork ribs, whole chickens, turkey, sweet tea, shiner beer. Stop looking around and go attack.


  1. Cooper’s Old Time Bar-B-Que Pit


The one in W Young St, Llano is the place to rush to for palatable flavor straight from the pit. With a rich menu of smoked meats, cobbler desserts about to bring your taste buds to full arousal, you have got to check this smokehouse out to enjoy the best of their chopped beef, pork chops, sirloins, briskets.


  1. Valentina’s Tex-Mex Barbecue


The magic awaits you at Brodie Lane, Austin and is open from Monday to Sunday until sold out. The smoked pork carnitas packed in a tight homemade tortilla is filled with a sausage that is absolutely juicy and smoky. Valentina’s brings a fusion of two Texan traditions and this is another reason for everyone to rejoice.


10 Things You Didn’t Know about Texas

Hard to believe there is anything you were unaware of about Texas? Take our word for it, because here’s a well-researched and exquisitely found out about list of 10 things that you probably did not know about Texas. Lend us your ears!


  1. Second Largest State in US with scope of dividing


Texas is the second largest state in the US in terms of land area. If it were an independent country, it would easily be the 40th largest in the world because of it’s size. In fact, it was it’s own country from 1836 till 1845, which was when it joined the US. It’s larger than any country in Western Europe. What’s more shocking is that according to the State Constitution of 1845, Texas has the power to get divided into five states further. You can dance five times what you do now if you know of the existence of five Texas’.


  1. Inventor of the human necessities: Hamburger, Fritos, Chicken Fried Steak


We all know how essential hamburgers and fritos are to us humans. An Athens man claimed to have invented the hamburger at his lunch counter in the 1880s and then sold them at a stand in 1904. In the 1930s, Fritos were invented in San Antonio and are today a main ingredient of the Texas convenience store’s staple – Frito Pie. As far as claims go, Lamesa takes the one for being the originator of the chicken fried steak. While the claim has no hold, Texas is undoubtedly the birthplace of chicken fried steak, and so Governor Rick Perry declared Lamesa to be the city that brought the world chicken fried steak.


  1. Carbon dioxide emissions Seventh Largest in World


Here’s a negative fact about Texas. Although the Permian Basin Oil Field alongside the South Texas Eagle Ford Shale has the US covered from any dependence on oil for the next many years, the downside is that the carbon dioxide emissions are being produced during refining of petroleum and chemical manufacturing. This makes the State’s emissions higher than any other state’s, and only less than six countries in the world. Imagine that.


  1. Three full time residents in Luckenback


According to the 2010 census, there are only three full time residents residing in Luckenback. This might sound shocking to those of you who have been to the place to attend one of the many great music festivals and seen crowds by the thousands. Those crowds are all tourist gatherings who have come for various such events, but are not residents. The fact is this – Luckenback has only three full time residents.


  1. “What’s up, Doc?”


The origination of the famous Bugs’ Bunny’s catchphrase “What’s up, Doc?” was in the North Dallas High School in the 1920s which was the alma mater of Tex Avery, the animator of Looney Tunes.


  1. Most Rainfall in US in 24 hours in Alvin, Texas


In the Tropical Storm Claudette from July 24-25th, Alvin received 43 inches of rainfall in a single day – making it the place which received the most rainfall within 24 hours in the US. Other places in Texas received over 30 inches over the same period.

  1. The ridiculous climate of Texas on March 27, 1984


On this particular day, in a serious of contradictions and unbelievable facts, Texas showed a vast diversity of temperatures. In Brownsville, the temperature was a record breaking 106 degrees (Fahrenheit). In Amarillo, the mercury showed a chilly 35 degrees with snow on the ground. What a contrast.


  1. State Dinosaur and Dog


Why should Texas not have a state dinosaur, even though dinosaurs are now extinct? Nope, they don’t care about such jitter jatters. The state’s dinosaur is Pleurocoelus. On this note, the state dog of Texas is the Blue Lacy.


  1. Texas Star shines throughout North America


The Texas Star is the largest Ferris Wheel in the entire North America. It is situated in the State Fair of Texas and goes high and above to give you a thrilling experience.


  1. World’s Largest Bat Colony


Bats are important creatures, okay? Texas’ Bracken Cave is the world’s largest bat colony. It’s situated in San Antonio. Wouldn’t you want to get some chills by visiting it? We are not recommending it.

Texas BBQ Sauce: How to Make it?

Wondering how to make the best BBQ sauce that oozes everything Texas to go along your smoked meats? You’ve come to the right place. We’re presenting to you a quick, neat and easy way to make the best BBQ sauce at home to add great flavor to your grills and meats.


Total Time Taken: 55 minutes (10 minutes for preparation, 45 minutes to cook)


Yield: 2.5 cups




  • ¼ cup apple cider vinegar
  • 4 bacon slices that should be chopped
  • ½ cup onions (finely diced)
  • ½ cup brown sugar
  • 1 teaspoon ground cumin
  • 1 cup beef stock
  • 1 6-ounce can of tomato paste
  • ½ teaspoon kosher salt
  • ½ teaspoon black pepper (freshly ground)
  • ½ – 1 teaspoon cayenne pepper
  • 2 cloves garlic (minced)


Utensils and Devices:


  • 1 medium pot
  • Plate covered with paper towel
  • Gas/Stove
  • Whisks
  • Spoons
  • Bowl


Directions to Cook:


  1. Take the medium pot. Cook the bacon over it in a medium to low heat for approximately eight to ten minutes. The bacon would then get crispy.
  2. Take it out and put it over a plate lines with a paper towel to drain it. You can eat the bacon as a snack (what must feel better while cooking?).
  3. In the medium pot which has the bacon grease, you should then add the finely diced onions, again over medium to low heat. In about six to eight minutes, the onions would start to caramelize.
  4. To this, add the minced garlic and cook for another two minutes.
  5. Pour in the tomato paste from the can and keep stirring continuously for another three minutes to form a paste.
  6. Use the whisk to add the beef stock.
  7. Alongside, keep whisking brown sugar, apple cider vinegar, ground cumin, cayenne pepper, freshly ground black pepper and kosher salt.
  8. Bring the heat to a simmer as you whisk.
  9. You should cook the paste until it gets thickened which should take about fifteen to twenty more minutes.


Once it has been cooked, let the sauce cool down to room temperature by letting it be (do not refrigerate). Use your homemade BBQ sauce any which way you like, but we suggest over briskets and beef ribs.


You can obviously add any sort of garnishing that you feel is necessary to enhance the flavor, according to personal choice. For those unsatisfied with this recipe, here’s another with a quick glance:


Total Time Taken: 1 Hour (15 minutes for preparation, 45 minutes to cook)



  • 2 garlics (minced)
  • 2 tablespoon butter
  • 1 onion (finely chopped)
  • ½ cup orange juice
  • 2 slices lemon
  • 1 cup real maple syrup
  • 1 cup apple cider vinegar
  • 2 tablespoons lemon juice
  • ¼ cup Worcestershire sauce
  • ¼ cup brown sugar
  • ¼ cup molasses
  • 2 cups ketchup
  • 2 tablespoon dry mustard
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • ½ teaspoon paprika
  • ½ teaspoon ground cumin
  • ½ teaspoon red pepper flakes


Directions to Cook:


  1. Melt the butter over medium heat in a saucepan and add onion and garlic to it. Stir for 5 minutes till it appears tender.
  2. Pour in the orange juice, apple cider vinegar, lemon slices and juice, maple syrup, Worcestershire sauce, and add the brown sugar, molasses, ketchup.
  3. Garnish it with salt, red pepper flakes, mustard, cumin, paprika.
  4. Simmer for 45 minutes to 1 hour.
  5. Remove lemon slices before using over your smoked meats.


Hope this recipe brings you an exquisite taste. Have a happy time making the best BBQ sauce at home!