8 Things You Shouldn’t Do while Barbecuing

Everyone makes mistakes while barbecuing, but for your benefit, here’s a list of 8 things that you should be cautious of while cooking. Do not make these mistakes for they can prove very harmful. Here are 8 things you shouldn’t do while barbecuing:


  1. Go ‘Low and Slow’, not Fire up

You should not fire up your Green Mountain Pellet Grills and blaze it up or use lighter fluid, for that would ruin your dish and spoil the taste. It is absolutely important to go ‘low and slow’ while barbecuing so that every cut gets cooked as it should be and no part is left undercooked or overcooked. Wait for your charcoals to fully turn gray before you spread them out and start grilling. Give your grill grates time to heat up.


  1. Keep your Grill Away

Grills can be unsafe and produce damage to your property, assets, or worse – pets and children. Make sure you grill in your backyard or somewhere away from home so that even by mistake, nothing catches on fire.


  1. Avoid Flare-ups

Avoids flare ups for they can be lethal for your life and property. Ensure that every time you use your smoker or grill, the grates are all clean and no food items or fuel leakages and present. Use a grill brush or ball of aluminum foil to remove chunks of food.


  1. Using the Correct Tools

One great mistake that every amateur makes is the usage of incorrect tools that can cause a lot of harm. Follow up on the internet for tools and materials that are safe to use while barbecuing. For example, opt for long handled tools to prevent burns on the skin, and use tongs and spatulas as much as possible so that you don’t burn your skin. While a long handled fork is great for grilling vegetables, it should not be used for meat because it leads to puncturing of the meat.


  1. When Preheating is not done

Preheating is an important feature for most cooking processes – be it barbecuing or any other. If you don’t preheat the grill, the fire could be producing a lot of hot but the grill grates could still be relatively cool which would mean that your food will not be conductively heated. Your food will then stick to the metal.


  1. Prevent usage of Excessive Direct Heat

You cannot use excessive direct heat while cooking your grills because the meat can start to burn on the outside while still being undercooked or raw on the inside, and you definitely do not want that for your taste buds.


  1. Opening the Lid and Peeping

This is a big no! Yes, the inquisitive side of our brains can’t stop wondering whether our meat is cooked or not so we open the lid just slightly to see for ourselves. But this is absolutely dangerous. Repeatedly lifting the lid in a gas grill will cause it to lose the heat inside and the process of cooking would get slower. For a coal grill, lifting the lid would bring in oxygen that would increase the heat and burn your food.


  1. Don’t spread the Sauce too Early

Do not spread the Barbecue sauce before you should. In such a case, the sauce starts to burn and turns acrid and sour before the meat is even cooked. You will then have to scrape off the blackened layer and add extra sauce to cover up for the bitterness but it doesn’t stay.


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