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BBQ Smoking in Texas – What’s Different?

Texas is popular acclaimed for the best barbecues in the US, and not wrongly so. There is a hint of uniqueness about the BBQ smoking in Texas that gives it a touch of Texas. The way it smells, the way it appears, and most of all – the way it tastes – all of it has roots of Texas hidden in the very depths of it. Recipes have gone from generation to generation like traditions, and are considered equally sacred.


This difference does not simply come through from the ingredients added to the BBQ at the time of smoking – no. A huge difference is also made by the way the smokers are set up and the technique of smoking. Texas believes in barbecuing ‘low and slow’ style so that large cuts are cooked without any portion being left undercooked or overcooked.


All the flavors and smells that the smoked meats produce are articulated after certain additions of ingredients. Chefs take care of cooking at certain temperatures and the appearances of the meats to determine how well it’s been cooked. It cannot remain tender. Sauces are made to perfection. No wonder many distinct restaurants all around Texas are so famous for their succulent, finger licking smoked meats.


To best cook products, it’s important to know the cuts of meats that can be cooked, and that will determine the number of servings you can get from them, their costs and versatility. Not only that, the Texas chefs know their meats in an out. They know what sides are tender, which cuts can be over cooked and have to be sought after.


Briskets are the most special and asked-for smoked dish that customers demand. The best BBQ restaurants of Texas serve briskets that are heavenly. A Texas brisket is a full packer cut brisket ranging between 8-12 pounds. It is smoked at low and slow temperatures through indirect heating for around 8 hours for it to achieve perfection. The textural appeal of a Texas brisket is like leather. Setting up a charcoal or wood smoker between 225-250 degrees Fahrenheit is important to distinguish a Texas brisket from any other.


Another necessary and impactful factor to a Texas BBQ is it’s flavor. The flavor of any smoked meat comes from seasonings, cooking methods, the way it’s the best electric smoker post on THOB, garnishing, sauces. Texas is very personal and cautious about it’s flavors for that is what gets any consumer satisfied and happy. The sauces and ingredients used are a personal choice of the chefs of Texas.


Rubs are prepared by adding a tinge of special ingredients which one would not find elsewhere. For example, for a simple pork rub, Texas chefs combine equal parts of paprika, garlic powder, black pepper and brown sugar. To add some extra flavor and moisture, Kosher salt is added to a gallon of water and the product is soaked in this mixture for an hour for brining. For a central Texas Brisket rub, equal parts salt and pepper are cooked over post oakwood or smoked until the salt begins to turn colour. Such techniques are unique to Texas.


Hence, every tiny detail is looked after and there are differences in the cooking method of the BBQ in Texas that differentiate it from barbecues of the world.

Best BBQ Places in Texas

Who doesn’t crave themselves a delicious smoked meat on a heavy day? Texas sure knows how to grill it’s meat to perfection. Here’s a list of some of the best BBQ Restaurants in Texas that you have got to try if you want a heavy meal and a happy face.


  1. Snow’s BBQ


Highlighted in enriched news tablets and magazines, this smokehouse is located in the Main Street at Lexington. The meats are sold by the pound and you can eat till your pocket gives away. It’s fulfilling and appetizing, and you get to pick from a small menu of sides to go along. Shoot for their ribs on the one day they are open, that is Saturday.


  1. Franklin Barbecue


This little heaven-like stall is situated on 11th St, Austin and is open from Tuesday to Sunday. They close by 3 pm so you have to make sure to grab what you desire from their heavy menu categorized into ‘By the Pound’, ‘Sandwiches’, ‘Pies’, ‘Sides’ and ‘Drinks’. The meat is fresh and cooked properly with all the roughness attached to a smokehouse. Moreover, they keep organizing events so you better be on the look out for those to have a great time hogging on delicious food.


  1. Hard Eight BBQ – Roanoke


Hard Eight BBQ at Roanoke presents what you call the most bomb burgers and sausage to go along with a sauce that simply brings water to your mouth and stars in your eyes. Aside from all this bliss, you get a free sweet tea and beans on the side. What would make you happier? Go get it, tiger.


  1. Pecan Lodge


This restaurant is located at Deep Ellum, Main Street, Dallas, and this relocation has brought on a huge crowd ready to dig in their hands on the delectable meats. Pecan Lodge serves a variety of smoked meat to be gulped down with beer and wine of assorted natures. They have yum desserts to give your meal a sweet ending.


  1. Black’s Barbecue – Lockhart


This shack at Lockhart speaks everything Texas – right from it’s board that says ‘Open 8 days a week’ to the one exclaiming ‘Beef ribs!’. As they claim, they do have the best beef ribs. The sausage is hand stuffed and hand tied which oozes awesomeness. The brisket is the smokiest of all, and you’ll find amazing pork ribs, whole chickens, turkey, sweet tea, shiner beer. Stop looking around and go attack.


  1. Cooper’s Old Time Bar-B-Que Pit


The one in W Young St, Llano is the place to rush to for palatable flavor straight from the pit. With a rich menu of smoked meats, cobbler desserts about to bring your taste buds to full arousal, you have got to check this smokehouse out to enjoy the best of their chopped beef, pork chops, sirloins, briskets.


  1. Valentina’s Tex-Mex Barbecue


The magic awaits you at Brodie Lane, Austin and is open from Monday to Sunday until sold out. The smoked pork carnitas packed in a tight homemade tortilla is filled with a sausage that is absolutely juicy and smoky. Valentina’s brings a fusion of two Texan traditions and this is another reason for everyone to rejoice.


10 Things You Didn’t Know about Texas

Hard to believe there is anything you were unaware of about Texas? Take our word for it, because here’s a well-researched and exquisitely found out about list of 10 things that you probably did not know about Texas. Lend us your ears!


  1. Second Largest State in US with scope of dividing


Texas is the second largest state in the US in terms of land area. If it were an independent country, it would easily be the 40th largest in the world because of it’s size. In fact, it was it’s own country from 1836 till 1845, which was when it joined the US. It’s larger than any country in Western Europe. What’s more shocking is that according to the State Constitution of 1845, Texas has the power to get divided into five states further. You can dance five times what you do now if you know of the existence of five Texas’.


  1. Inventor of the human necessities: Hamburger, Fritos, Chicken Fried Steak


We all know how essential hamburgers and fritos are to us humans. An Athens man claimed to have invented the hamburger at his lunch counter in the 1880s and then sold them at a stand in 1904. In the 1930s, Fritos were invented in San Antonio and are today a main ingredient of the Texas convenience store’s staple – Frito Pie. As far as claims go, Lamesa takes the one for being the originator of the chicken fried steak. While the claim has no hold, Texas is undoubtedly the birthplace of chicken fried steak, and so Governor Rick Perry declared Lamesa to be the city that brought the world chicken fried steak.


  1. Carbon dioxide emissions Seventh Largest in World


Here’s a negative fact about Texas. Although the Permian Basin Oil Field alongside the South Texas Eagle Ford Shale has the US covered from any dependence on oil for the next many years, the downside is that the carbon dioxide emissions are being produced during refining of petroleum and chemical manufacturing. This makes the State’s emissions higher than any other state’s, and only less than six countries in the world. Imagine that.


  1. Three full time residents in Luckenback


According to the 2010 census, there are only three full time residents residing in Luckenback. This might sound shocking to those of you who have been to the place to attend one of the many great music festivals and seen crowds by the thousands. Those crowds are all tourist gatherings who have come for various such events, but are not residents. The fact is this – Luckenback has only three full time residents.


  1. “What’s up, Doc?”


The origination of the famous Bugs’ Bunny’s catchphrase “What’s up, Doc?” was in the North Dallas High School in the 1920s which was the alma mater of Tex Avery, the animator of Looney Tunes.


  1. Most Rainfall in US in 24 hours in Alvin, Texas


In the Tropical Storm Claudette from July 24-25th, Alvin received 43 inches of rainfall in a single day – making it the place which received the most rainfall within 24 hours in the US. Other places in Texas received over 30 inches over the same period.

  1. The ridiculous climate of Texas on March 27, 1984


On this particular day, in a serious of contradictions and unbelievable facts, Texas showed a vast diversity of temperatures. In Brownsville, the temperature was a record breaking 106 degrees (Fahrenheit). In Amarillo, the mercury showed a chilly 35 degrees with snow on the ground. What a contrast.


  1. State Dinosaur and Dog


Why should Texas not have a state dinosaur, even though dinosaurs are now extinct? Nope, they don’t care about such jitter jatters. The state’s dinosaur is Pleurocoelus. On this note, the state dog of Texas is the Blue Lacy.


  1. Texas Star shines throughout North America


The Texas Star is the largest Ferris Wheel in the entire North America. It is situated in the State Fair of Texas and goes high and above to give you a thrilling experience.


  1. World’s Largest Bat Colony


Bats are important creatures, okay? Texas’ Bracken Cave is the world’s largest bat colony. It’s situated in San Antonio. Wouldn’t you want to get some chills by visiting it? We are not recommending it.