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Brisket is one of the toughest cuts of meat and cooking it perfectly is no less than an achievement. For beginners, brisket is a cut of meat from the breast or lower chest of the animal. Any barbecue enthusiast would know that smoking a brisket brings with itself its own share of excitement, challenges and opportunities but the results are most inconsistent. Sometimes you will get it on point as if you have been doing this since ages. But most of the times briskets take forever to be cooked and turn out the exact opposite of what was expected. Flavouring or seasoning a brisket properly is one of the ways to avoid these inconsistencies. While it will take you considerable amount of time, energy and attempts to master the art of cooking brisket but you do not want to get disappointed every time, right?


Cooking a brisket is a tenuous job and if you are hosting a dinner party you just can’t start it in the afternoon. But the good thing is that flavoured briskets are a good make-ahead dish. Moreover, the flavours get enough time to develop and come together and enhance the taste of the brisket. Flavoured briskets put into the freezer and still retain their texture when reheated. So get ready to get those compliments!


There are umpteen varieties of ways to flavour a brisket: using rubs, sauces and spices. There is no way one can ever get bored of it. Briskets can even be flavoured with root vegetables, onions and garlic. If you want to experiment with new flavours and develop your own personalised recipes choosing a brisket is a good option. It’s the most versatile cut of meat with which you can unleash your culinary potential.

Preparing a brisket for smoking is a task in itself with all the trimming and washing. But this preparation can make or break your dish. In fact, preparing the brisket takes longer time than smoking it. So if you have got the meat from the market and prepared it for smoking. Congratulations! You have completed one-third of the task.  Brisket requires low and slow smoke which gives time for the tissues to become tender but seasoning does this job too. Adding those rubs, spices and sauces will help the meat to become tender and delicious. To make sure you get the flavour to the interiors you can make numerous cuts evenly on the surface so that the spices are absorbed into the centre.


Flavoured briskets retain their taste when wrapped with aluminium foil immediately after smoking. So you will not be in a fear of all your hard work vanishing in a matter of hours. Smoking a brisket to perfection is a dream of every barbecue enthusiast and flavouring it perfectly only ensures that your effort is not wasted because we know you have put in huge amounts of time, energy, patience and love into it.

So mix and match those flavours to create a perfect blend to enhance the taste of your all-time favourite brisket.



Clearly the market is flooded with all kinds of grills and smokers and each one of them promise you the best barbecuing experience. But wait, the equipment in which you are going to invest now is going to impact the TASTE OF FOOD! So here is a comparison between the two most widely used equipments for barbecuing- the electric smoker and the gas grill to put an end to your confusion. Let’s see who wins.


  1. PORTABILITY: The electric smoker even though of smaller size needs to be plugged in so it’s not an ideal companion for camps and picnics. But the gas grill typically meant for outdoors because of its larger size, is more mobile and portable and can be used anywhere with a natural gas line.



  1. EASE OF USE: The electric smoker clearly scores here as it is all about comfort, push-button convenience and requires smaller space. What’s more some smokers even have apps that sync your phone to it and remind you after the cooking is done. The temperature can be easily monitored as cooking is done in controlled environment. While for the gas grill you will require a larger space and basic knowledge about moisture and outside temperature to monitor cooking temperature. So beginners and comfort-seekers, the electric smoker is clearly the one for you.


  1. MAINTENANCE: The parts of electric smokers are not detachable so it’s a task in itself to clean them, while on the other hand all heating elements of a gas grill can be easily cleaned by immersing them in water. Also, since natural gas is used there is no soot left behind, which further makes the gas grill easy to clean.


  1. FLAVOR: This aspect is the main consideration for most buyers so let’s decode this one. The electric smoker produces a plain smoke which gives the least flavour to the meat. But some variants of gas grill come with a facility to use charcoal (Purists rejoice!) which enables one to produce a rich smoke and flavour the meat to its best as compared to electric smokers. So only get yourself the electric smoker if you do not mind compromising the taste and are looking for comfort and some fast cooking.


  1. COOKING SPECIFICITIES: Both of these equipments can be used to cook almost all kinds of meat but they have their specialities. Gas grill is perfect for smaller cuts of meat and because it is able to sustain higher temperature for a long time searing is possible which is not possible in an electric smoker. Electric smoker works well for delicate proteins like the salmon. Electric smoker can sustain lower temperatures for a longer period so larger cuts of meat can be smoked without any hassels.



So, using both of these equipments have their pros and cons. But as it clear the gas grill clearly scores over the electric smoker especially in areas of flavour, maintenance and portability. But the pressures of modern lifestyle may force you to buy an electric smoker but the winner here is the gas grill.