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Brisket is one of the toughest cuts of meat and cooking it perfectly is no less than an achievement. For beginners, brisket is a cut of meat from the breast or lower chest of the animal. Any barbecue enthusiast would know that smoking a brisket brings with itself its own share of excitement, challenges and opportunities but the results are most inconsistent. Sometimes you will get it on point as if you have been doing this since ages. But most of the times briskets take forever to be cooked and turn out the exact opposite of what was expected. Flavouring or seasoning a brisket properly is one of the ways to avoid these inconsistencies. While it will take you considerable amount of time, energy and attempts to master the art of cooking brisket but you do not want to get disappointed every time, right?


Cooking a brisket is a tenuous job and if you are hosting a dinner party you just can’t start it in the afternoon. But the good thing is that flavoured briskets are a good make-ahead dish. Moreover, the flavours get enough time to develop and come together and enhance the taste of the brisket. Flavoured briskets put into the freezer and still retain their texture when reheated. So get ready to get those compliments!


There are umpteen varieties of ways to flavour a brisket: using rubs, sauces and spices. There is no way one can ever get bored of it. Briskets can even be flavoured with root vegetables, onions and garlic. If you want to experiment with new flavours and develop your own personalised recipes choosing a brisket is a good option. It’s the most versatile cut of meat with which you can unleash your culinary potential.

Preparing a brisket for smoking is a task in itself with all the trimming and washing. But this preparation can make or break your dish. In fact, preparing the brisket takes longer time than smoking it. So if you have got the meat from the market and prepared it for smoking. Congratulations! You have completed one-third of the task.  Brisket requires low and slow smoke which gives time for the tissues to become tender but seasoning does this job too. Adding those rubs, spices and sauces will help the meat to become tender and delicious. To make sure you get the flavour to the interiors you can make numerous cuts evenly on the surface so that the spices are absorbed into the centre.


Flavoured briskets retain their taste when wrapped with aluminium foil immediately after smoking. So you will not be in a fear of all your hard work vanishing in a matter of hours. Smoking a brisket to perfection is a dream of every barbecue enthusiast and flavouring it perfectly only ensures that your effort is not wasted because we know you have put in huge amounts of time, energy, patience and love into it.

So mix and match those flavours to create a perfect blend to enhance the taste of your all-time favourite brisket.


5 Electric Smoker Recipes You Must Try

Got yourself an electric smoker but confused what to cook on it? We’ve got you covered, don’t you worry. Here’s a list of five recipes that you must try on your electric smoker to produce mouth watering, appetizing food to bring your taste buds a whole lot of glory.


  1. Smoked Beef


For those who love smoked meats, this is a must have. You can cook your own smoked beef to perfection with the electric smoker. You can either cook beef jerky or beef fillets through it. Here’s how you do it, in a very quick manner:

  • Choose a brisket which bends and is tender. If it has a thick fat layer, that would help the meat stay moist during the process of cooking.
  • Ready your rub and massage it on the meat, and let it stay overnight for the best flavor. Wrap the meat, then, in aluminum foil and keep it in the refrigerator.
  • An hour or two before you start your electric smoker, remove the meat from the refrigerator so that it is able to come down to room temperature. Meanwhile, fill your wood chip box with hickory, apple, mesquite or cherry wood chips.
  • Preheat the electric smoker and set the internal meat temperature. Stick the temperature probe in the part of the brisket which is the thickest, then place it on a rack in the cooler. Start the smoker.
  • Once the temperature reached 190 degrees Fahrenheit, the smoker would stop heating and turn into warm mode and your smoked beef would be ready to consume.


  1. Smoked Hotdogs and Sausages


Hotdogs and Sausages are an all time favorite for home made cooking. It’s a must for you to cook this on the electric smoker. Here’s how to do it:

  • Roll the hot dogs onto a rub and make sure to not miss the ends. Lay them on a rack for ease of carrying.
  • Preheat your smoker to 225 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Once done, place your hotdogs on the grate and let them smoke away for an hour to 1.5 hours. Once they are done, they should be warm and smoky.
  • You can put them inside a bun and serve it with veggies or other garnishing and sauces.


  1. Smoked Chicken


The most favorite and popular recipes for an electric smoker are that for smoked chicken. It’s loved by all and famous everywhere. Not only is it delicious and nutritious, you can cook it in different forms such as smoked chicken thighs, smoked chicken wings, smoked chicken breasts. Here’s how to do it:

  • Apply the rub over the thawed chicken evenly and let it stay overnight for best flavor.
  • Place the chips in the wood chip box and fire up the cooker to get the temperature to 235 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Place chicken, breast side down, in the smoker for 1 – 1.5 hours, then turn it over to finish. When temperature of the meatiest part reaches 160 degrees Fahrenheit, your chicken is cooked and you can remove it and let it warm down before serving.


  1. Smoked Pizza


Who does not like some smoked pizza to fill up the stomach in a tantalizing way? Here’s how you can smoke your pizza to perfection in your electric smoker:

  • Spread the pizza sauce on the pizza bread, add mozzarella cheese, meat, veggies and any other ingredients of your choice.
  • Smoke-cook in your electric smoker for an hour at 250 degrees Fahrenheit and then reverse grills (swap the pizza below with the pizza on the top). Use little wood for the maximum flavor.


  1. Smoked Salmon


Salmon remains the most smoker friendly fish there is. Smoked salmon tastes incredible. Here’s how to do it:

  • Remove all the pin bones from your salmon and cut the meat into strips. Choose your brining container with caution.
  • Get the smoker started to 225 degrees Fahrenheit and put in the wood. Add in the fish. As the meat gets cooked, milky droplets will come to the surface and you can wipe them off.
  • Remove the meat when the internal temperature hits 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Let your fillets cool before consuming. salmon